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Our technologies

Michelessi Marmi, for  sizes and technologies , it is proposed in concrete and qualified form, as one of the first reality of the Italian industry.

Our laboratories are equipped to respond quickly and accurately to any type of contract, the largest contract of various kinds to the single realization of the project of the customer.

Our systems enable  high productivity  with reduced lead-time and continuous monitoring of the quality of each stage of processing.


Interior design

The explosion of relaxation and wellness culture, which brought increased attention to the  decoration  of the living environment, has made it possible, for many years, a collaboration with leading architects and designers with whom expensive homes have been built, offices, hotels and contract in Italy and in the world.


Marble processing

The Michelessi SRL , active in the design and working of marbles since 1976, has acquired over the years considerable experience in the sector, so much to gain a prominent place in both the Italian market and in the international.

The company this for several years as a manufacturer and designer, works with major manufacturers in the construction of hotels, restaurants and businesses, apartments, villas and even private individuals.

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Discover our catalog dedicated to marble processing, find the material that best suits your project and let our experts advise you.
The best materials of use on the market

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